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    Lose excess weight & fat

    Maximize healthy fat loss and optimize your personal body composition. Clothes will fit better and you will have more energy!
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    Increase confidence & self esteem

    Experience the increase of confidence and the boost of self esteem that 1,000’s of others have found through optimizing their personal body composition. Become the best version of you!
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    Gain, maintain or tone muscle

    The platform can help you increase your muscle mass, which will improve your body’s ability to burn fat. Look better naked!

Getting Healthy Results Shouldn’t be Complicated

  • Do you want to learn how the right foods can impact your performance, appearance & health?

  • Would you like your own private, personal coach to help you be accountable to yourself?

  • Is nutrition too confusing? Do you wonder who or what to believe?

  • Have you tried other programs, but were unable to make or sustain progress?

  • Does it feel like there is not enough time in the day, to make yourself a priority?

  • Do you want to look better, feel better and just enjoy life more?

We make nutrition simple, so you won’t have to sacrifice family, work or fun.
Feel happier. Be happier.

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How the ekin platform helped people like you?

ekin works for everyone – from athletes to soccer moms. No one delivers healthier results better than ekin. Registered Dietitian designed, developed and tested in-market over 8 years with over 10,000 clients.

  • Professional Athletes

  • Fitness Enthusiasts

  • Weekend Warriors

  • Boot Campers

  • Student Athletes

  • Wrestler - Weight Management

  • Coaches

  • Traveling Executives

  • Desk Trapped Office Workers

  • Soccer Moms

  • Stay at Home Parents

  • Bariatric Patients

  • CrossFit Athletes

  • Martial Artists


Nick Mitchell

Head Wrestling Coach, Grand View University, 8 consecutive NAIA National Championships - 2012 to 2019

“ekin takes the guesswork out of our athlete’s nutrition. It has given us a huge, safe advantage over the competition.”

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    Maximize healthy fat loss and muscle gain

    No other platform maximizes healthy fat loss and muscle gain better. Developed and tested in-market over 8 years with 10,000+

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    Personalized, private one to one coaching

    You’ll have your own personal coach providing nutrition education, to help you reach your goals. Enjoy a strong, encouraging support system.

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    Build a lifestyle for a lifetime

    Learn more about how the foods and supplements you consume, impact your body. Acquire knowledge that will last a lifetime.

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What makes ekin so different?

The ekin Nutrition experience is revolutionary. Utilizing the nutrition platform developed by LifeBase Solutions, with active learning, predictive analytics, graphical feedback and recommendations, the platform takes in your body composition readings and advises our coaches which macros need to be adjusted and to what degree. Within this “closed loop”
system, the active learning platform is a true paradigm shift. Continuous grading and delivering results hones the evolving optimal balance (whole foods vs. processed, carbohydrates vs. proteins, etc.) of what is most effective for you. This both sets and reinforces expectations of body composition improvement, fat loss and muscle gain. By personalizing the experience to you, we are able to align directly to what you are seeking. The practical result of this sustainable, healthy lifestyle. Thousands of clients have maximized their healthy fat loss and muscle gain using this platform.

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  • The coaching, accountability and support is over the top. Learning how to eat right and lose fat have been tremendous.


    Dan B.

  • I love it. It’s nutrition made simple.


    Liza Z.

  • The compliance score feedback is amazing. I can’t wait to see it after each meal.


    April B.

    Soccer mom

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